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    Cristine Hall

    Pair Eyewear makes exchanges and returns extremely difficult. There is no clear information on your website on how to do this and no one picks up at the customer service number. You don't even include a customer service number on your receipt.

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    Pair Support

    Hi Cristine! Our phone number is at the bottom of

    We don't include return information on the site as this is a link that we send to the customer with step-by-step instructions on what to do. We also do this in case customers have multiple orders that they need to return, as this can cause issues with their returns/refunds if this is not done correctly. 

    We have a small phone team, but if you leave us a voicemail, then they will get back to you within 24 hours if you don't get someone on the phone. 

    Please email the customer service team for return instructions at regarding the return, and they will send the link to you immediately. We currently do not see any open emails with a return request, nor do we see any voicemails that were left by you at this time. Apologies for the issues with this! 


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